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Covilhã a Solo

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Covilhã a Solo
Covilhã a Solo

The route “Covilhã a Solo” covers the largest geographical area of ​​the city of Covilhã, from the valley of the Ribeira da Carpinteira to the valley of the Ribeira da Goldra. At the same time and as in all designed routes, this one is also intermodal, allowing you to connect to the other two in case you want to. Because of the dimension of this route, it is the most suitable to be carried out solo, with time management being individually controlled. Its extension allows you to cover different themes and different experiences in greater number.

From a tourist perspective, we advise the manufacturing theme of two main nuclei (Carpinteira and Goldra). Take a look at the magnificence of the buildings that will be targeted by the cameras: close your eyes and imagine the day-to-day life, the sound of the cameras and the workers’ frenzy. Temporal buildings that feature unique architectural details and are supported  by uncommon structures created by residents of Covilhã. (e.g. entendedores de lã, râmolas de lã, industrial chimneys). Get to know the experiences and way of life of the workers. Feel the real working class neighborhood and its narrows dark alleys. Revive their poor and difficult way of life, bringing courage and suffering that like their sweat and tears built a whole city. (Bairro Operário).

Feel the pulse of workers’ struggles with stories and episodes worthy of a TV series. And the fight still continues… (Sindicato dos Trabalhadores do Sector Têxtil da Beira Baixa).

Connect, talk and meet the local people through their family and parish businesses. Be open to their adventures and relive disused professions and rare products or icons. Believe me, you won’t get tired of it. (e.g. Drogaria Moderna; Barbeiro Tradicional; A Tentadora; Cinco Atelier, among others).

Get to know the history that the city exudes, both in terms of cultural buildings (e.g. Casa dos Magistrados and Casa das Morgadas) and religious buildings. And this is just the beginning … (e.g. Igreja de St.ª Maria or Capela de Stª Cruz / Largo do Calvário).



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