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Covilhã for Two

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Covilhã a Dois
Covilhã for Two

The route “Covilhã for Two” emphasizes the meanders of Covilhã, the “far town”, aiming to favor the romantic side of the city. This route is limited by the Ribeira da Goldra sector and the Historical Center.

This itinerary is to be enjoyed calmly, fostering the connection between the couple and the city, paying special attention to theme, museums and places where you can stop to contemplate the city (belvederes) and appreciate a few moments of serenity with your partner.

Starting next to the Goldra’s elevator, a unique journey through a city with unique morphological characteristics begins, attested by the existence of elevators and a funicular that you will be able to discover (Elevador de Stº André, Elevador da Goldra and Funicular de São João). In this constant up and down movement you’ll soon find out that, throughout the day, the city landscape is always accompanied by Serra da Estrela.

Right near the beginning, the Wool Museum is something that calls for our full attention. Everything here represents the tradition of a city that was once one of the largest industrial centers in the country. Here they owe an ode to men, women, and children who had only one thing in mind: the production of fabrics of the purest wool. Can you put yourself in their skin? (Real Fábrica de Panos and Real Fábrica Veiga).

In the historical centre, the houses are on top of each other in alleys and irregular lanes, following the slope and the most chaotic type of industrial city, where the houses of the workers and the houses of the industrialists coexisted: showy, luxuriant and with architectural features of the time. Close your eyes and imagine yourself living with your other half and reliving the most bourgeois spirit of the late 19th century. XIX (e.g. Casa Melo e Castro, Casa Comendador José Maria Campos, Palacete Júlio Cruz, among other manor houses).

Discover, as if you are both in a labyrinth of houses and streets, the street art which will appear on facades along the historic center. Try to discover the artist’s idea and enter his world. You won’t lack imagination when contemplating Mr. Viseu, Owl Eyes, Portugal Pelas Costuras, among other works that place the city of Covilhã in the national epicentre, as far as urban art goes.

And that unique moment of embrace is lived in Covilhã, in between all the viewpoints that the city has to offer. From them you can feel the cool breeze by the end of a typical summer afternoon and comfort yourself in the tender embrace of your other half. Or feel the fresh, snowy air during winter, whilst looking for the warmth only your partner has to give. (Miradouro das Portas do Sol and Miradouro Marquês D’Ávila e Bolama).

After living this journey in Covilhã, your love will grow even stronger…



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