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Covilhã in Family

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Covilhã em Família
Covilhã in Family

In the historical centre of the factory town of Covilhã, this itinerary mainly focuses on the family, allowing grown ups and kids to get to know Covilhã in a fun, different, fun and exciting way. Starting and ending at the city’s Municipal Garden, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a green space in harmony with the history, culture and landscape of the city. In the “shadow” of Serra da Estrela, this will be our company and part of the story that is about to begin … 3, 2, 1.

Once upon a time there was a family who wanted to know Covilhã, a city whose connection to factories is inseparable. Whole families worked hard in these factories, where the sound of the looms and the commotion of people were constant. Those were hard times, completely different from nowadays, when people worked all day just for a few pennies. (View over the factories of the Carpinteira Valley)

The Municipal Garden and the old Municipal Library, where this adventure begins, were the meeting place on Sundays, where working families and bourgeoisie got together gathered to enjoy their scarce free time. Playing and living in a familiar environment were the best medicine … How about playing a little? (e.g. Municipal Garden, Municipal Library, Garden Elevator, among other points of interest).

Right in the city center, this was the place where the weekly market took place. Here, traders from all over the municipality gathered to sell vegetables and fruit, animal products and their derivatives (such as milk and the famous Serra da Estrela cheese). Religion was a strong tradition and the Church of Mercy is proof of this. (e.g. Town Hall Square, Church of Mercy, among other points of interest).

But the best part is coming: suddenly, someone remembered that imagination could be useful to decorate our city. And so art appeared on some walls in the historic center, giving a special color to the city, just like entering a fantastic world, full of colour resembling ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Around every corner, in every square, we can be surprised by authentic works of art that represent some episodes, traditions or legends of the city. Surprises are waiting for you! (e.g. Owl Eye, Portugal pelas Costuras, Wild Orphan are some of the works we can find and photograph).

And finally, all this walking up and down the alleys of the enchanted city of Covilhã makes us hungry’. From the most traditional to the conventual, it’s time to restore energy and try the ham sandwiches with cheese from the mountains. The Cavacas, the Bolos de Azeite or the typical Garganta de Freira are great examples of what the factory town has to offer and the best way to finish this enchanted trip up and down the city … (e.g. Nini Bakery, Civic Centre Bakery, The Tempter, among other spaces).

Before returning to the hotel and devouring all those traditional sweets and products, we invite you to take a walk around Jardim do Lago. A pleasant, refreshing, calm and great space to end your family day. And in the summer it’s equipped with a fun mega wave pool: very tempting for some dives, isn’t it?



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