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Sport Academy
24 hour gym
Monday to Friday 08h00>22h00
Saturday 08h00>20h00
Sunday and holidays 09h00>19h00
Exclusive for guests, outside of opening hours

Group classes

Our guests are invited to attend classes. Please always confirm availability please
Classes and times may change without notice.

Sport Academy Modalities

Class where a fitball is used to work strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. In a single exercise several muscle groups are stimulated due to the contraction needed to control the body and maintain balance on the ball.
Fusion of Latin music and dance with fitness resulting in choreographies that allow you to work all muscle groups in a fun and relaxed way.
Body Jump
High intensity cardiovascular training that combines music with explosive movements for providing high caloric expenditure.
Fitness Senior
Medium / low intensity class indicated for older individuals. Muscular resistance and joint mobility exercises.
Class focused on the work of the abdominal muscles in order to strengthen the center of the body.
It consists of the synchronization of body movements with the breath. It improves posture through the balance between body and mind.
Bum Bum
Muscle resistance class with incidence in the buttocks and legs. Favors muscle toning and fat reduction.
High intensity mode using elastic suspension bands. Dynamic exercises requiring stabilization of the central body area.
Suspension training class that works strength, balance, flexibility and muscle stability through exercises performed only with body weight. Great demand from the core to balance and stabilize the body.
Academy Pump
Group class that strengthens and tones the whole body using light and moderate weights and a large number of repetitions.
Cardiovascular resistance class that allows the development of a coordination and improves agility through a choreography.
High intensity interval training. It consists of aerobic exercises performed at high intensity for a short period of time alternating with a few seconds of rest.
Local Academy
Muscular resistance class where a balanced work between all muscular groups is carried out.
Set of exercises created by Joseph Pilates, which aims for a total control and connection between body and mind, based on contrology. It is reeducation of the movement technique that promotes an increased quality of life and helps to restore health in pathological conditions.
Circuit Training
Circuit training class. Allows an efficient control of the training load through short and intense routines.

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