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Covilhã Selfie

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Covilhã Selfie
Covilhã Selfie

“Say cheese…”

This route is the real destination for those who like photography and especially selfies. It focuses on enhancing this trend that is common today. The aesthetics combined with all the history that emanates from the “Portuguese Manchester” creates an appealing scenario for our eyes. Plus, all “selfiers” like pictures in unique settings and this is where the Carpinteira Valley, secretly guarded by the no less sexy pedestrian bridge with the same name and escorted by the Carpinteira lifts, gains all its natural / industrial beauty. And suddenly imagine: all the sound of the looms in these factories, the black industrial smoke emanating from the chimneys, workers who are like ants back and forth and colorful clothes drying in the sun, like a rainbow. What kind of scenario can we create in our imagination? That’s the reason why you make this script…

Art reigns here. That’s how you can define the New Hand Lab. A space that… Well, maybe the best thing is to visit and contemplate it, because your selfies will never be the same. And take the opportunity to listen to all the secrets about the art of working the wool, always in the good company of Mr. Francisco Afonso. Listen to it closely, because you will forever remember this place. (e.g. Fábrica António Estrela / Julio Afonso).

Do you want a cooler place for your selfie in Covilhã? Don’t be afraid of heights and cross the Ponte Pedal da Carpinteira. This is where you’ll get the ideal perspective for a selfie that’s going  straight to the top three of you album.

And here, right at the top stop, focus and click… The Public Garden offers you a 360º spectrum, and that’s just one more reason to make your selfie look perfect… Then, calmly, take a look at all the pictures you took, and you’ll realize that they look incredible because the scenery around you is breathtaking, to say the least. (e.g. Miradouro do Jardim, Palacete do Jardim, Biblioteca Café Concerto, Museu de Arte Sacra, Elevadores da Carpinteira, Igreja de São Francisco, among other points of interest).

Walk through the tangle of small houses and labyrinthine alleys that make the ancient city of Covilhã unique. Here you’ll find the best opportunity to relive all of Covilhã’s ancient Jewish history (Janela Manuelina; Jewish Cruciformes judaicos). Remember that between you and the scenario around you there are stories and traditions to discover. Why not ask about them to Covilhã resident, who quietly reads the daily newspaper sitting on a street bench? (e.g. Pelourinho, Largo 5 de Outubro).

On the way back, we recommend an adventure through the ruins of the factories. An optional detour that leads you to the ruined walls of these granite mammoths that tell a lot about us. Close your eyes and in silently the pulse of an entire industry that has shaped this city forever. Spare no selfies, for there will be no shortage of interesting places to photograph. (e.g. Nova Penteação e Fiação de Lãs; Fábrica Campos Melo & Irmão).



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