Sport Hotel

Our concept

This is a concept hotel that features outstanding architecture and design, a wellness and fitness philosophy, as well as a tailored gastronomic experience, all without forgetting entertainment. There are elements associated with active and nature tourism, with an emphasis on hiking and cycling in the largest mountain tourism destination on the continent, but that’s not all…

Both the interior and exterior design deserve a special mention, as does the feeling of well-being in the spa. The Relax & Repair muscle recovery and massage areas are also of great prestige, as is the service provided by the staff in our gym, which is open 24 hours a day.

Enter the world of the Sport Hotel!

We maintain a responsible commitment to the environment and healthy lifestyles, and we take care of important aspects such as health and nutrition. For this reason, we invite you to enjoy our breakfast, which is full of healthy options and made with local products carefully selected by our nutritionist, and perfectly adapted to the needs of sportsmen and women. We complement this nutritional offer with a shop and a special kitchen for sportsmen and women, allowing them to prepare their own meals and snacks so that they can then enjoy their food at their own pace and in complete freedom.

We have also partnered with the town of Covilhã to prepare a selection of amazing itineraries that provide an immersive experience in the “Portuguese Manchester”.