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“For your health” help us preventing COVID-19

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CEO Natura IMB Hotels
“For your health” help us preventing COVID-19
12 Mar

This is the motto of the flyer that is made available to all guests of our hotels at check-in.

The group’s CEO, Luís Veiga also reaffirms:

“The Natura IMB Hotels group has been preparing for a scenario like this for a long time, also due to the experience of previous epidemics.
However, since March 1st, we have reinforced our action protocol, focused on three plans: staff, guests and customers and, finally, contingency that contemplates isolation according to the instructions of the DGS.

The group’s clinical director, the rest of the medical and nursing team, in addition to the training given to all our staff, is permanently monitoring any situation that may eventually arise and which may be associated with the characteristic symptoms of COVID 19!

In addition, all measures for hygiene, prevention and anti-propagation of the virus are being systematically considered by our staff according to the same instructions and we are also being advised by reputable companies in the field of hygiene and disinfection.

In case there is new data about the epidemic, whether related to us or associated with our destiny, we will note it immediately. The health and safety of our guests, customers and employees are our highest priority! ” Concluded.


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