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Restart* Programme / Safety

Sanitary and hygiene measures for risk reduction during the Covid-19 pandemic.

(All of our procedures follow standards and guidelines as per the WHO, DGS, SNS and AHP).


At Natura IMB Hotels Group locations, we have adopted measures that reinforce our cleaning and disinfection procedures for all spaces and ensure that recommended social distancing is in place. Above all else, we want you to enjoy the perfect stay with us with the highest levels of comfort and confidence in our service.

(*) The Restart programme is exclusive to NATURA IMB HOTELS.

Supported by three objectives, and with a focus on customer satisfaction: safety / sustainability / digitisation

Sport Hotel

Measures and Procedures

“We plan your visit so that you can enjoy your stay with the very highest standards of comfort and safety”

  • On arrival, before checking in
  • Body-temperature check. Guests with a body temperature equal to or greater than 38ºC will not be permitted to enter the site.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission to the site to any individual who presents with symptoms compatible with Covid-19 infection.
Sport Hotel

Check-in and front-desk service

The check-in procedure will be more flexible.

Room orientation on the TV in your room, or via web-app (coming soon).

Sport Hotel

Our staff

Our staff has received special training in the prevention of Covid-19, as well as in our internal protocols and the preventive measures we have put in place.

Uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE) are appropriate to the roles carried out by each staff member.

Sport Hotel

Restaurant and Bars

Reduced occupancy to ensure that a safe social distance can be maintained between guests and employees.

Staggered times for booking meals. Booking for meal-times is mandatory.

Adapted buffet service for breakfast.

All the place-settings (cutlery, glasses, plates, etc.) will be set out on the guest’s table following appropriate disinfecting and cleaning.

Use of QR codes for looking up menus and other services relating to meal service.

Disinfection of the table and all chairs between guests.

Sport Hotel

Common areas and closed spaces

Regular disinfection and cleaning of shared spaces, particularly of critical areas.

Placement of HAND SANITISER at strategic points for disinfecting hands.

Redesigned layout.

Obligatory wearing of masks.

Sport Hotel

Rooms and suites

Quarantine for a minimum 48-hour period between guests.

Reduced occupancy to around 50% of rooms.

Increased ventilation, cleaning and disinfection measures in rooms and all other facilities.

Sport Hotel

Entertainment activities

Social distancing is guaranteed. We focus on the outdoors, enjoying the natural environment, and keeping active in the open air.

Kids Club: activities have a limited number of participants, and prior booking is required.

Sport Hotel


Reduced maximum occupancy.

Disinfection of sunbeds between uses, with sunbeds arranged in a manner which ensures social distancing is maintained.

Temporary restrictions imposed by the DGS [Portuguese Department of Health] (Celta circuit: sauna, chromotherapy sauna, Turkish bath, steam room, 360º contrast shower and ice plunge-pool, as well as fan, swan-neck and waterfall animations at Laguna Grande).

Sport Hotel

Gym and Aquacorpus

Service available by prior appointment only.

All equipment and other materials are disinfected between users.

Social distancing between equipment provided.

Wearing of face-masks is highly recommended (except in demarcated zones where this is mandatory).

Wearing a face-mask is mandatory in the gym when moving around the common areas. Wearing a mask is not required when exercising.

Sport Hotel

Laundry service

Adapted to meet current requirements and to meet the standards set down by the DGS [Portuguese Department of Health].

Sport Hotel

Payment methods

We prefer payment to be made either using a credit card, online, or via contactless payments.

Sport Hotel

Events and conferences.

Adapted to meet current requirements and to meet the standards set down by the DGS [Portuguese Department of Health].

We cater for meetings held in the open air (eco-meetings).

We have a contingency plan in place, as well as an isolation area (a room) reserved for situations in which confirmed or suspected cases of infection with COVID-19 arise.

The procedures described above are subject to change with no prior notification of such.

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